What You Get When You Join:

Incredible Dance Fitness Classes Accessible from Your Phone, Laptop OR Cast to Your TV 

New Dance FIIT & Dance HIIT Classes Added Weekly (45 & 30 minutes)

Over 400 UNIQUE classes

Flavours from all across the world, favourites are: Salsa, Soca, Bellydance, Bhangra, Pop & Afrobeats

Notified when new workouts go up online

Tutorials for Workout & Dance moves

Download or Stream - Perfect if your WiFi is a bit sketchy!


  • Do I need a special app for the classes?
    No! The videos work directly from your browser on any device connected to the internet.
  • I'm not much of a dancer. Can I still do this class?
    Yes, Absolutely. The class is designed to support everyone at any dance level. You can stick with what works for you, and only layer up the difficulty if and when you feel ready.
  • I don't have much space to dance. Will this still work for me.
    You need to have enough space so that you can move your arm in a large circle, and do a step to each side and a step backwards. So even a small living room or kitchen space has this. Just be aware of things you could knock over, and try to move these out of the way first.
  • I don't think I have the right clothes, can I still do it?
    There are no special requirements with regards to clothes you might wish to wear, only that they are comfortable and don't restrict your movement. Some people quite happily do the class in their PJs! If you have carpeted floor, you are probably best sticking to bare feet or just socks, but a hard floor, you might be more comfortable in a pair of basic trainers - the less grip the better
  • I don't have any weights, can I still do the HIIT classes?
    Yes. Whilst having weights can make it easier for you to grip, many people start out with baked bean cans or water bottles. Small dumbbells can be picked up easily from many charity shops or from sports shops at very low cost.

    Many people start the class with no weights at all, and just use their mind to muscle connection to provide the resistance we are looking for.
  • I get bored easily, that's why I like going to real life classes
    Every playlist in the classes you have are absolutely UNIQUE. Here is how I make it fun, and interesting, as well as offering you things you are familiar and a new challenge. I bring old routines back and keep routines for a while, and then add new ones. It's a rolling program so you will always get something comfortable and easy to do, as well as new challenges.

    You can even send me requests of old routines you want to see in an upcoming class!
  • How will I know if I have completed a class?
    If you want to keep track of which classes you have done, no problem. Your progress is automatically logged on your account, and you can see which classes you have done and the ones you haven't.
  • I want to come to LIVE classes too
    Absolutely. As part of your membership, you will have access to our Zoom classes once a week.*
    *There may be times I can't run them due to illness, but this is rare

Go On… You Know You Want To!

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.


60, 45 & 30 minute Dance FIIT classes, to bring a smile and a slice of joy to any day

PLUS 30 minute Dance HIIT classes, which are like a HIIT class, but with the fabulous dance flavour, which makes the workout even more motivating

New classes are added every week, so you can just do the new classes when they come along, and you can pick from old routines

Playlists available for EVERY class, so you can download those tunes that you fall in love with 

To access these classes individually, I charge £6 a class…

So with over 300 classes and growing weekly, that's well over £1800 in value...


You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

Go On… You Know You Want To!

My focus with all of my classes is on our mental wellbeing. Yes, absolutely, a workout is fabulous for the body too, and if you are here for that, you can fill your boots, and have a great time in the process. However, it is my core belief that moving to music, whether you are a trained dancer or just wiggling around in your kitchen, is the single most powerful and immediate transformation of our minds that we can do. The best thing is, it is INSTANT. You don’t need to have any dance experience to get a lot out of these classes. The routines are designed to help you pick the moves up as you go along.

"Moving to music is the single most POWERFUL & immediate transformation of our minds we can do" Beth Hardy

I don’t mess around in the Dance FIIT class, breaking the moves down that you have to remember, instead, I layer up the difficulty, meaning you can access it at the most basic level, or enjoy the most advanced and intense workout.

We change moves as the music changes, and the moves match what your body wants to do to the music. I’m not big on jumping, so most of our routines don’t have you jumping, but they do give you a great workout anyway.

High intensity on a regular basis can be very traumatic to our joints, so avoiding this full weight transfer can make your workout less prone to injury. I found Dance fitness at a time where life was all about my kids, and I couldn’t get a second peace. It gave me incredible freedom, just to be me. I love it when people go full force into our classes, and feel the immediate buzz of endorphins flowing round their bodies.

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